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Alkaline Wash & Enzyme Mask


Alkaline Wash

Alkaline wash uses a unique formulation that raises the pH of the skin from a normal acidic value of 5.5 to the opposite end of the pH scale resulting in and alkaline pH of 12. This causes an immediate swelling of the outer cellular layers. 

This treatment can be used in many ways to help improve the following skin concerns:

*Removal of redundant skin cells

*Removal of superfluous hair

*scar revision

*Preventing Ingrown hairs

*Improving Keratosis Polaris 

(a harmless skin condition characterised by small hard bumps and is typically noticed on the back of the upper arms, legs and buttocks and may sometimes be accompanied by redness and swelling. 

Full Face $110

Full Face and Neck $130

(other areas prices vary)

Enzyme Mask

Enzyme Masques re educate the muscles, effecting the deeper  fragile facial muscles, tightening and toning in the sub dermal area. It holds the facial muscles in contraction tightly for the duration of the masque. This promotes a vascular reaction causing the muscles to pulsate, as in passive exercise.  

The benefits include:

* Powerful lifting antioxidant

* nourishes, firms and tones

* Exfoliating enzymatic action

* reduces fine lines and wrinkles

* Hyper pigmentation reduction

Firming Facial Masque $ 130

Correcting Masque $ 130

receive and Alkaline wash and Enzyme mask together