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Skin Needling (CIT) & BBGlow

Skin Microneedling, skin needling, also known as Collogen induction therapy

Full Face $155

Is a regenerating treatment that safely penetrates deep into the underlying layers of the skin, aiding in the repair and rejuvenation of troubled skin.

Visible improvements can be seen in as little as 14 days post treatment. Deeper Skin concerns such as uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and acne scarring will improve with the collagen regeneration process and are generally visible 2-4 weeks following treatment. The most dramatic results will occur 6-12 weeks after treatment.

  • reduce Fine lines
  • Minimise enlarged pores
  • Improve acne scarring
  • Reduce Pigmentation
  • Improve Clarity and Tone
  • Refine Texture
  • Improve firmness

BB Glow treatment is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, that allows you to achieve glowing, radiant, seemingly pore-less skin after 4 sessions lasting up to 4 months. It is a safe skin treatment that can assist in reducing the appearance of freckles and lightening of the skin tone.

 It also benefits skin discoloration caused by acne, photo-ageing and age spots. Micro-needling is one of the procedures used during the treatment. It gives clients an immediate skin brightening and rejuvenating effect.

Our Signature BB Glow treatment uses Micro Needle Therapy System to infuse a tinted serum under the top layer of your skin giving you the look of wearing BB cream 24/7.

These coloured serums are 100% organic using only vegetable extracts and are KFDA approved. This treatment gives your skin rejuvenation with immediate skin brightening effects.

The closest shade of BB cream is selected and penetrated under the top layer of skin using a micro needling device. BB cream serums will blend & adjust to your skin tone whilst rejuvenating & repairing your skin from the inside out.

BBGlow $175

Ultimate BBGlow $200

**prepay 4 x Ultimate BBGlow treatments and save $120**

total cost $680

Ultimate BBGlow includes a Carboxy therapy gel mask and LED treatment:

CO2 promotes the rise of Oxygen (O2) supply which is critical for cell metabolism. When CO2 is produced between the gel and the mask, the gel preserves and transfers it to the skin. When the skin absorbs CO2, it starts physiological reactions that enhance the skin condition. After one treatment you will see immediate results in skin tone, smoothing of fine wrinkles and extremely soft silky skin.

LED helps with the absorption of products while improving skin tone and elasticity. 

BOOSTER GLOW SKIN NEEDLING personalizes you skin needling journey.

Serums according to skin concern are injected into your skin using micro-needles to make your results even better!

Whitening stem cell culture- wrinkle reduction, improve elasticity and brightens 

Salmon DNA gold- skin regeneration and anti inflammatory

AC stem cell gold- acne or skin irritation

EGF peptide gold- high enriched anti wrinkle

Aqua stem cell- provides deep moisture

Booster Glow $165